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MAP South Hockey Girls High School Hockey Program


MAP South Hockey was founded over 18 years ago to provide athletes the opportunity to compete alongside other top players and to be challenged and mentored by elite coaches.  The MAP South Hockey development model is fully aligned and supportive of MN Hockey and community based teams.  MAP  South Hockey’s commitment to athletes and parents is to Develop High Character Athletes from Mite / U8s  to Professional NHL Players, while providing the best long term development for On-ice, Off-ice, Strength & Conditioning and Leadership training. 

Some of the many benefits MAP South Hockey Girl Athletes are eligible for:

  • Training April to End of September 
  • Elite coaching and training staff
  • 3 days per week (Spring & Fall-Sun Tues Thurs/Summer MWF)
  • Strength and Conditioning training 3 days per week
  • Dryland Shooting & Skills facility 
  • Up to 3 Spring & Summer Tournament Invites
  • MAP South Academy - Leadership Program
  • Player meetings & regular performance feedback

Cost $2,895

Commit to Something Bigger than Yourself!

Prospective Athletes must either apply or be invited to MAP South Hockey.  See below to learn more about the application process.  Players must have played on an 15U "A" or High School "Varsity" level within the previous season for consideration.  

We allow each of our athletes the ability manage their on and off-ice training schedule. Players will be able to log into the site at any time and select any day that works for them to skate or train off-ice with their Tier.  Athletes can skate or train as many days as they want depending on need and their current situation.  We train for up to 5 straight months and expect players to miss days for other things such as time with family and friends and other sporting events.


Players must apply and be accepted before they can participate. Once a player applies, their Application will be reviewed by the MAP South Hockey staff.  If the Application is received during our current MAP South Hockey training season, they may be asked to come in for an on-ice evaluation.  If the Application is received during the regular Association or High School Season, a staff member will be out to scout one of the player's games for their evaluation.  After completing the Application you will be contacted by a MAP South Hockey staff member to let the Player know if they have been accepted.   Should they be accepted,  they will be sent a purchase link and instructions on how to create a player account.  All accepted players must make a non-refundable deposit to secure their spot before MAP South Hockey fills up. We will stop taking applications for a Tier once it has been filled.

MAP South 2024 Application


High School - Players who competed at the 15U A level or HS Varsity as a 8th Grader or Freshman during the 2023-2024 Hockey Season

College - Players who competed at the HS Varsity level as a Sophomore, Junior or Senior during the 2023-2024 Hockey Season

Tier Placement

We place every athlete into the Tier that we believe will benefit them, specifically, the most.  The Tier that offers each athlete the greatest opportunity for growth is the one they will be placed in.

Even if a player meets a Tier requirement it does not mean that they will automatically be placed in that Tier.  Our staff is constantly evaluating players and places each athlete into the best level that will aid in their own unique progression and individual skill development.

Tournaments Dates

Finnesota Cup: May 3 - 5, 2024

Summer Showdown : June 7 - 9, 2024

International Cup: August 2 - 4, 2024


A great deal of organization goes into the unique on-ice experience that our athletes are offered. One of our priorities is maintaining an environment that is suitable for regular player activity and also healthy one-on-one communication. To achieve this, the max number of players allowed on the ice for a regular ice session is 24. Each group is accompanied by at least 3 staff members. Specific session plans and focal points are organized by our staff for each ice session. With a overall training season that's as lengthy as ours is, we utilize the opportunity to cover a great deal of specific focuses and working points. These focuses progress over the course of our season, and include areas such as:

  • Skating specific, underspeed instruction
  • Power skating & explosive movements
  • Edge efficiency & stride technique
  • Puck control & stickhandling skills
  • Shooting technique and goal scoring
  • Position specific work for forwards & defensemen
  • Game-environment teaching & exercises
  • Passing organization & group scoring production
  • Individual defensive instincts, tactics, & overall awareness

Our regular ice sessions will primarily be organized by:

  • 20 minutes of Skating Development focal points (goalies work separately).
  • 20 minutes of Puck Skills & Game Scenario exercises
  • 20 minutes of Small Area games



Our approach to the development of our players can be summarized two-fold:

  • improvement of physical tools and attributes  
  • applications of those tools in game settings and scenarios. 

Every member of our staff are experts and educated in the details of teaching and instructing skating, puck handling, passing, and shooting.  While many of our players come in to the program with a solid base of skills already established, it’s important that we help those athletes improve on the intricate details of their game.

We are proud to open up our facility to driven players who are heavily focused on their goals.  We are obligated to provide the utmost direction to help our athletes improve. For example, nearly all of the athletes that start with our program are already established good skaters. Our job is to provide the knowledge and opportunity to help those athletes become GREAT skaters. Detailed-oriented teaching and feedback is necessary for that transformation.

When an advanced player comes in with an elite specific ability like top speed or effective goal scoring, we further push the development of that skill.  This process is further assisted with the activity of our Directors during the scouting season.  Players are viewed and documented during the regular season so our staff as a whole is knowledgeable of our players before our training season begins.                    

Our athletes are taught about skills development in terms of where and when they can be utilized in a game.  Many of the drills and exercises run on our ice are often organized in a specific game scenario to better help our athletes understand the significance of that skill development. We also utilize different game reps (often smaller area than a full-ice game) to offer a better opportunity to utilize the skating and/or skill development being taught. Within this brand of development, it is vital that our players are also continually educated in game awareness. 


Skating and skill development on its own does not comprise an athlete’s entire experience at MAP South Hockey.  Our athletes are given regular opportunities to better comprehend the use of their physical tools in game scenarios.  Our Staff organizes different game setups to provide a specific setting for players to grow.

The regular communication between our staff and athletes is a valuable tool to make our game reps, whether full-ice or small-area, that much more educational. Our instructors provide direction and feedback on a daily basis, both to the team and individuals. It is important for us to keep the lines of communication open and healthy so our athletes are encouraged and comfortable to ask questions and seek feedback about their game performance. 

Nearly every ice sessions concludes with some type of game reps.  Once a week, our directors designate a Game Day.  This ice session is a full-ice game from start to finish with teams organized beforehand, referees provided, and our staff on the bench to coach and teach.

All of these game opportunities are also essential is providing another cornerstone of our culture - competition. Our Staff constantly uses competition as a motivational tool to get the highest level of performance and engagement from our athletes. Developing and nurturing a compete level is necessary and incredibly healthy for all of our players.   We help our players appreciate the excitement of competition, and understand that their passion for the game is what fuels their performance.  Our athletes LOVE to compete!

Financial Assistance

MAP South Hockey has a commitment to the game of hockey.  We are aware that sometimes there family situations which can affect an athletes ability to participate due to cost.  MAP South Hockey will consider those situations to assist in allowing your athlete to participate in our program.  The completed form and supporting documentation can be mailed to our corporate address or emailed to Stephanie Osborn