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Sports Nutrition Partnership Announced

At MAP South Hockey, we know that Sports Nutrition is an integral component to our Athlete’s success!  We are excited to announce that we have formed a partnership with Training HAUS to provide the Sports Nutrition component of our program!  All MAP South Hockey Athletes who participate in our 7-month MAP  South Elite Invite Program are allowed to participate.

The Training HAUS is located in Eagan at Viking Lakes adjacent to the Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center.  Powered by Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO), the Training HAUS is built on the foundation of science, research and world class sports medicine research.

Using evidence based science, the Training HAUS dietitians will provide our Athletes with customized sports nutrition to optimize performance, minimize health risks and enhance recovery from exercise and injury.  The Training HAUS will work with MAP South instructors, athletes and parents to provide nutritional guidance and create a comprehensive plan for each Athlete’s performance and lifestyle.

The MAP South Hockey Sports Nutrition Program will start off by conducting InBody testing for each Athlete at MAP South Hockey.  After the testing, the Athletes will be required to download the Eat2Win APP to track their current eating habits for a week.  Once the Nutritional Intake has been tracked, the Athlete and parent can then schedule a consultation with the Training HAUS Nutritional team.  This meeting will take place at the Training HAUS facility and will focus on the testing results, the current nutritional habits of the athlete and the overall goals related to their performance and diet.  The end result will provide education to the Athlete and parents regarding the importance of Nutrition and to create the proper nutritional guidelines for the athlete to follow to reach their goals.

Throughout the summer, MAP South Hockey Tier Directors will be responsible for and will monitor all of the Athletes progress on their Sports Nutrition Program.  In the fall, our Athletes will schedule another consultation at the Training HAUS to conduct a follow up visit with their parents.  This visit will include another InBody test to review the results of their specific Nutritional program.  The next step in this consultation will be to determine the Athlete’s goals for a healthy weight gain/loss and establish a plan for success for the upcoming Association or High School Hockey Season.

Mr. Owens:  “I’m so excited to be able to work with you and MAP South Hockey to further enhance the hockey talent in the Twin Cities area! Nutrition has a place for every athlete, whether its injury prevention, recovery, weight management, or maximization of performance. I’m a strong believer that equal importance should be placed on developing healthy nutrition habits, alongside skill development and strength and conditioning. Think of me like a coach of your food intake: I’m here to guide your athletes in another way to help them obtain their ultimate goal of being the best athlete they can be. It is now up to them to take that next step and be just as excited, as I am, to work together.

Remi Famodu PhD, RDN, CSSD, LD, Sports Dietitian – Twin Cities Orthopedics’ Training HAUS.

Eat to Win App

Eat to Win App

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