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TG Hockey | Goaltending

Our Goaltending program is designed to develop and refine technique in a competitive and challenging environment. It our belief is that every goalie has their own style of play that can be successful. Our job is to increase the goaltenders skill and provide insight into multiple techniques during situational play. Repetition of skills puts a goaltender in position to have success and be confident in the net.

Hard work and dedication to being a student of the game are paramount to our coaches and athletes. Drills are continually evolving to provide the most current techniques and a fun environment for learning. Our goaltenders also benefit from the small area & situational game reps that take place in each ice session. Competing along with the skaters in high-paced game environments is a tremendous opportunity to translate your developing skills. These development priorities are built to mirror those of the MAP South Goaltending program.

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